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Showing 1 - 24 of 772 products
Simplex 4098-9714 Smoke Detector Head (ULC) (Brand New - Sealed)Simplex 4098-9714
Sale price$30.99 CAD Regular price$38.74 CAD
Simplex 4098-9714 Smoke Detector Head (ULC) (Brand New - Sealed)Simplex In stock
Simplex 4098-9792Simplex 4098-9792
Sale price$31.99 CAD Regular price$39.99 CAD
Simplex 4098-9792 Addressable Sensor BaseSimplex In stock
Simplex 4098-9733Simplex 4098-9733
Sale price$22.01 CAD Regular price$27.51 CAD
Simplex 4098-9733 Heat Detector HeadSimplex In stock
Simplex 4099-9004
Sale price$62.14 CAD Regular price$77.68 CAD
Simplex 4099-9004 Addressable Manual Pull StationSimplex In stock
Vesda VSP-005Vesda VSP-005
Sale price$89.78 CAD Regular price$113.91 CAD
Vesda VSP-005Vesda In stock
Simplex 2099-9804
Sale price$3.24 CAD Regular price$4.05 CAD
Simplex 2099-9804Simplex In stock
Simplex 4906-9127 Audio Visual Horn StrobeSimplex 4906-9127
Sale price$64.60 CAD Regular price$80.75 CAD
Simplex 4906-9127 Audio Visual Horn StrobeSimplex In stock
Sale price$91.15 CAD Regular price$113.94 CAD
Edwards SIGA-OSHD (ULC/UL)Edwards In stock
Edwards SIGA-SB
Sale price$8.55 CAD Regular price$10.69 CAD
Edwards SIGA-SB Detector BaseEdwards In stock
Edwards GCHFWN-S7Edwards GCHFWN-S7
Sale price$29.57 CAD Regular price$36.96 CAD
Edwards GCHFWN-S7Edwards In stock
Simplex 4098-9755Simplex 4098-9755
Sale price$175.01 CAD Regular price$218.76 CAD
Simplex 4098-9755 Duct Sensor Housing (ULC/UL)Simplex In stock
Simplex 4090-9001Simplex 4090-9001
Sale price$34.22 CAD Regular price$42.78 CAD
Simplex 4090-9001Simplex In stock
Simplex 49AO-WRFSimplex 49AO-WRF
Sale price$72.82 CAD Regular price$91.03 CAD
Simplex 49AO-WRFSimplex In stock
Simplex 4090-9002Simplex 4090-9002
Sale price$51.03 CAD Regular price$63.79 CAD
Simplex 4090-9002Simplex In stock
Simplex 49AV-WRFSimplex 49AV-WRF
Sale price$130.48 CAD Regular price$163.10 CAD
Simplex 49AV-WRFSimplex In stock
Edwards SIGA-PDEdwards SIGA-PD
Sale price$79.87 CAD Regular price$99.84 CAD
Edwards SIGA-PDEdwards In stock
Vesda VSP-962Vesda VSP-962
Sale price$133.52 CAD Regular price$166.90 CAD
Vesda VSP-962Vesda In stock
Simplex 4906-9101Simplex 4906-9101
Sale price$68.16 CAD Regular price$85.20 CAD
Simplex 4906-9101Simplex In stock
Simplex 4098-9794Simplex 4098-9794
Sale price$60.89 CAD Regular price$76.11 CAD
Simplex 4098-9794Simplex In stock
Edwards SIGA-MCC2AEdwards SIGA-MCC2A
Sale price$113.27 CAD Regular price$141.59 CAD
Edwards SIGA-MCC2AEdwards In stock
Simplex 4603-9101
Sale price$637.61 CAD Regular price$797.01 CAD
Simplex 4603-9101Simplex In stock
Sale price$113.47 CAD Regular price$141.84 CAD
Vesda OSP-002Vesda In stock
Simplex 4098-9770
Sale price$202.65 CAD Regular price$253.31 CAD
Simplex 4098-9770Simplex In stock
Simplex 4906-9151Simplex 4906-9151
Sale price$102.95 CAD Regular price$128.69 CAD
Simplex 4906-9151Simplex In stock

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