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Showing 1 - 24 of 262 products
Siemens XDLC
Sale price$1,058.54 CAD Regular price$1,323.18 CAD
Siemens XDLCSiemens In stock, 16 units
Siemens DB-11Siemens DB-11
Sale price$11.88 CAD Regular price$13.66 CAD
Siemens DB-11Siemens In stock, 42 units
Siemens XTRI-R
Sale price$133.38 CAD Regular price$166.73 CAD
Siemens XTRI-RSiemens In stock, 95 units
Siemens FP-11Siemens FP-11
Sale price$259.73 CAD Regular price$324.66 CAD
Siemens FP-11 Intelligent Fire Detector (500-095112)Siemens Sold out
Siemens SB-5RSiemens SB-5R
Sale price$25.11 CAD Regular price$28.88 CAD
Siemens SB-5RSiemens Sold out
Siemens OP121
Sale price$74.25 CAD Regular price$85.39 CAD
Siemens OP121Siemens In stock, 48 units
Siemens DPUSiemens DPU
Sale price$1,178.55 CAD Regular price$1,473.19 CAD
Siemens DPUSiemens In stock, 21 units
Siemens FDO421Siemens FDO421
Sale price$128.05 CAD Regular price$160.06 CAD
Siemens FDO421Siemens In stock, 16 units
Siemens FDBZ492Siemens FDBZ492
Sale price$151.61 CAD Regular price$189.51 CAD
Siemens FDBZ492Siemens Sold out
Siemens HFP-11 Addressable Fire Print Fire DetectorSiemens HFP-11
Sale price$452.86 CAD Regular price$566.08 CAD
Siemens HFP-11 Addressable Fire Print Fire DetectorSiemens In stock, 47 units
Siemens HFPT-11
Sale price$147.73 CAD Regular price$169.89 CAD
Siemens HFPT-11Siemens Sold out
Siemens MH-WSiemens MH-W
Sale price$24.17 CAD Regular price$27.80 CAD
Siemens MH-WSiemens Sold out
Siemens OH121Siemens OH121
Sale price$87.21 CAD Regular price$109.01 CAD
Siemens OH121Siemens Only 1 unit left
Siemens SET-MC-CWSiemens SET-MC-CW
Sale price$151.20 CAD Regular price$173.88 CAD
Siemens SET-MC-CWSiemens Sold out
Siemens ZH-RSiemens ZH-R
Sale price$64.03 CAD Regular price$73.63 CAD
Siemens ZH-RSiemens Sold out
Siemens SE-MC-CWSiemens SE-MC-CW
Sale price$118.19 CAD Regular price$135.92 CAD
Siemens SE-MC-CWSiemens Sold out
Siemens XTRI-SSiemens XTRI-S
Sale price$102.60 CAD Regular price$128.25 CAD
Siemens XTRI-SSiemens In stock, 173 units
Siemens AS-75-R-WPSiemens AS-75-R-WP
Sale price$106.25 CAD Regular price$122.19 CAD
Siemens AS-75-R-WPSiemens Sold out
Sale price$56.97 CAD Regular price$71.21 CAD
Siemens SL2SPCR-FSiemens In stock, 49 units
SL2HSWR-F (S54329-F99-A1)SL2HSWR-F (S54329-F99-A1)
Sale price$95.18 CAD Regular price$118.98 CAD
SL2HSWR-F (S54329-F99-A1)Siemens In stock, 37 units
Sale price$2,645.12 CAD Regular price$3,306.40 CAD
Siemens DPU-RPTSiemens Only 1 unit left
Siemens ZU-35
Sale price$1,118.50 CAD Regular price$1,286.28 CAD
Siemens ZU-35Siemens Sold out
Siemens ZH-HMC-CW
Sale price$113.67 CAD Regular price$130.72 CAD
Siemens ZH-HMC-CWSiemens Sold out
Sale price$754.92 CAD Regular price$868.16 CAD
Siemens XLS-MSE3-ADPTSiemens Sold out

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