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Showing 1 - 24 of 154 products
Vesda 06-HN10
Sale price$56.03 CAD
Vesda 06-HN10Vesda In stock
Vesda 06-SE10Vesda 06-SE10
Sale price$102.59 CAD Regular price$128.24 CAD
Vesda 06-SE10Vesda In stock
Sale price$28.11 CAD Regular price$32.33 CAD
Vesda E700-CAPKITVesda Call or Email for Lead Time
Vesda E700-SP
Sale price$15.36 CAD Regular price$19.20 CAD
Vesda E700-SPVesda In stock
Vesda E700-SP-DCLVesda E700-SP-DCL
Sale price$203.58 CAD Regular price$254.48 CAD
Vesda E700-SP-DCLVesda In stock
Vesda E700-SP-DCL-PNT
Sale price$16.90 CAD Regular price$21.13 CAD
Vesda E700-SP-DCL-PNTVesda In stock
Sale price$17.42 CAD Regular price$20.03 CAD
Vesda E700-SP-DCLPIPEVesda Call or Email for Lead Time
Vesda E700-SPLGVesda E700-SPLG
Sale price$22.15 CAD Regular price$27.69 CAD
Vesda E700-SPLGVesda In stock
Vesda E700-SPLR
Sale price$26.27 CAD Regular price$32.84 CAD
Vesda E700-SPLRVesda In stock
Vesda E700-TUBE
Sale price$176.28 CAD Regular price$220.35 CAD
Vesda E700-TUBEVesda In stock
Vesda F-PC-0
Sale price$32.81 CAD
Vesda F-PC-0Vesda In stock
Vesda F-PC-2
Sale price$33.08 CAD Regular price$41.35 CAD
Vesda F-PC-2Vesda In stock
Vesda F-PC-HE-2
Sale price$69.26 CAD
Vesda F-PC-HE-2Vesda In stock
Vesda F-PC-HE-5
Sale price$69.26 CAD
Vesda F-PC-HE-5Vesda In stock
Vesda F-PC-HE-6
Sale price$69.26 CAD
Vesda F-PC-HE-6Vesda In stock
Vesda ISP-001
Sale price$75.33 CAD
Vesda ISP-001Vesda In stock
Vesda ISP-106-01Vesda ISP-106-01
Sale price$812.30 CAD Regular price$1,015.38 CAD
Vesda ISP-106-01Vesda In stock
Vesda LF41333Vesda LF41333
Sale price$20.25 CAD Regular price$23.29 CAD
Vesda LF41333Vesda In stock
Sale price$478.63 CAD Regular price$550.42 CAD
Vesda OSE-SP-01Vesda Call or Email for Lead Time
Sale price$394.47 CAD Regular price$453.64 CAD
Vesda OSE-SPWVesda Call or Email for Lead Time
OSI-10Vesda OSI-10
Sale price$902.34 CAD Regular price$1,037.69 CAD
Vesda OSI-10Vesda Call or Email for Lead Time
Vesda OSI-10-L8
Sale price$1,145.95 CAD Regular price$1,317.84 CAD
Vesda OSI-10-L8Vesda Call or Email for Lead Time
Sale price$894.16 CAD Regular price$1,117.70 CAD
Vesda OSI-90Vesda In stock
Sale price$230.67 CAD Regular price$256.84 CAD
Vesda OSID-EHEVesda In stock

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